SYNERGY is introducing new variety of PEARL BASE FINISH and also various fiber texture, stone effects which not only increase the beauty but tremendous binding strength also.

SYNERGY is Texture Wall Finish is a Latest, decorative, durable, economical & absolutely new generation wall coatings. SYNERGY is also adaptable to diverse climate & varied Surface condition.

Feature of SYNERGY Wall Finishes
1. Smooth wall surface obtained even on large surfaces
2. Durable & Long Lasting
3. Single Coat Producing multi-color
4. No colour Variation
5. Elegant texture
6. Neat Working condition
7. Water Resistance
8. Excellent resistance against abrasion
9. Excellent incombustibility meets fire resistant t quality
10. Fungus & Grafiti resistant
11. Can be applied on any surface
12. Wide range compatable with Rooms, Lobbies, building etc.
14. Breathing properties / Condensation hardly produced

AN ISO 9001 : 2008 COMPANY
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